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Qualifications & Training

The list below is far from complete or comprehensive and is designed to provide simply a flavour of my core counselling training over many years:


BACP Counselling Accreditation (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) (which is an advanced membership qualification)

Diploma in Counselling (Wealden Psychology Institute) (a fully accredited BACP College and qualification)

 - Person-centred Therapy

 - Transaction Analysis (TA)

 - Attachment Therapy

 - Gestalt Therapy

Person-centred Experiential Counselling for Depression (BACP / Metanoia)

My more detailed training and continuous development is extensive but some of the key themes include:

Complicated bereavement and loss

Death and Death Anxiety

Childhood /relational trauma

Trauma and PTSD

Body Trauma

Attachment difficulty and attachment trauma

Person-centred therapy

Transactional Analysis

Gestalt therapy

Relationships and inter-relational difficulty

Complex Illness and Health

Bereavement and Loss


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Alcohol and drugs

Emotional Eating


Fear and Anxiety


Personality Adaptations

Play Therapy

Suicide and Self-harm



The teenage mind


Working with dreams

Neuroscience and the Body

Low Intensity CBT

Prior to this in business I gained a business qualification at Kingston University (CIM) as well as a logistics qualification with the IoM (CPIM) and a degree at Reading University

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