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Privacy & Confidentiality

First of all, I am a registered and accredited counsellor and member of the BACP ( and always work to uphold their Ethical Framework. As part of this, at all times I reserve the right to either not start work with you or (more rarely) to suggest another path if some (new) knowledge arises during our work that may require a different direction to be taken. This I hope will not dissuade you from our work. It is in fact simply good ethical practice – I would never blindly attempt to help you in the ‘hope it might just work out’.

Any work we undertake always begins with an assessment – this is designed to take in some key information and ensure that you and I are well matched in need and skills. Even if we then conclude a different path, I never see any assessment as a waste of time as I believe this can help clarify and crystalise things whatever your decision. So, if you are wanting to understand something before embarking on therapy, have faith and trust in yourself and an initial assessment with me to explore in a boundaried setting what may be going on for you.

If when we first speak or after your initial assessment I feel I am not the right therapist for you, I will offer you some thoughts as to how you might proceed. Any further therapy you may then undertake will be contracted with the other counsellor directly and I can take no responsibility, liability or further involvement in these arrangements.

If we go on to work together, we will complete and agree a written counselling contract together covering the key terms of our work. This is to ensure you know what the boundaries and limits of our work are.

Confidentiality is a vital part of all counselling and our Ethical Framework (BACP) is to keep all shared information private. You need to be aware that there are some aspects of the law that could however change this privacy.

Equally, clients I work with will need to be able to keep themselves and others safe if we are to work together. If you feel you or others are in imminent danger of serious harm, then together we may need to change this confidentiality to promote safety.

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